This episode was factory assembled and freeze-dried for long lasting great taste by Adam Baugher, William Mead, and Todd Roth.

The main cast was voiced by the usual jerks in the usual fashion.

Our MC is “H to the McChizznits” Hams McChowin.

Additional voicing was provided by Dave Goddard and Sarah Hitzel.

The main theme was composed by Ian McGowan and Daniel Williams, and was performed by the Interplanetary Destruction Players.

“Hanley’s Meadow Opening” and “Hanley’s Meadow Outdoor Drone” appear courtesy of The Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra, online at The song “Wait ‘til They Get a Load of Me” was provided by Sex In The Eighties, and can be found online at “Bacterial Love” comes from Rolemusic, online at Finally, Herr Doktor provided “Interlude” and “Walk”. Find him online at

All recording, editing, and mixing done by Daniel Williams.