This episode was written by Adam Baugher, Ian McGowan, William Mead, Todd Roth, and Daniel Williams.

The main cast of Dave, Dylan, Eugene, Jason, Joan, Melissa, and Will was masterfully voiced by Todd Roth, Ian McGowan, Adam Baugher, William Mead, Laura Turner, Rebecca Coleman, and Daniel Williams.

Hams McChowin provided narration and “hilarious” commentary.

Additional voicing provided by Adam Baugher, William Mead, Ian McGowan, Zach Minute, and Sarah Williams.

The main theme was composed by Ian McGowan and Daniel Williams, and was performed by the Interplanetary Destruction Players.

Visit to download original music written and recorded by Daniel Williams and Ian McGowan. The songs “Get it Right” and “Nothing Feels Right” appear courtesy of Tok, online at “Final Battle” comes from The Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra, at “Angevin B” and “Black Vortex” are courtesy of Kevin MacLeod, at

All recording, editing, and mixing was done by Daniel Williams, with assistance from Adam Baugher, Laura Turner, and Sarah Williams.