This episode was written and rewritten by all the dudes.

Voicing for Dylan, Eugene, Joan, Jon, Melissa, and Will was provided by Ian McGowan, Adam Baugher, Laura Turner, Zach Minute, Rebecca Coleman, and Daniel Williams.

Our narrator is the freshest of Hams McChowin.

Additional Voicing provided by Matt Basler, Adam Baugher, Dave Goddard, Sarah Hitzel, Ian McGowan, William Mead, Todd Roth, and Lauren Trull.

The main theme was composed by Ian McGowan and Daniel Williams, and was performed by the Interplanetary Destruction Players.

Visit to download original music written and recorded by Daniel Williams and Ian McGowan. The Song “Sinister Pysche” comes from Tab & Anitek, online at Herr Doktor provided the songs “Miami Call” and “Can You Kiss Me First”. Find him online at “Ground Zero” is from Amt_23, online at Finally, Dark Asylum Music provided “Sinister Calamity”. Find them online at

All recording, editing, and mixing done by Daniel Williams.